Tanzanian Dream

This immersion in the wild world emphasises the expressions, attitudes and looks of animals in their natural environment. Black and white emphasises the story, subjects, contrasts, material, and form.

Mammals are the symbols of the savannah highly coveted by trophy hunters. Elephants owe their salvation to the ban on the sale of their ivory tusks. Zebras have become rare– only 7 species remain, some of which are very close to extinction. Lions are the victims of deforestation and hunters, and their populations will be halved by 2035.

By taking drastic measures to protect this wild fauna, we will still be able to admire and photograph this animal world for many years, but for that, we must stop poaching.

Human pleasure should not be acquired at the cost of the life of these animals. If we allow these killings to amplify, the savannah could look, in a few years, like an immense desert.

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